Q&A with Steven Rojas

Puffer appreciation post! We love when our customers send photos and tell us how they use our products. We asked photo blogger Steven Rojas and his four legged friend Zelda what they like about the Olive Green Puffer Vest for cold weather adventures. Here’s an inside look at how they found each other and what they like to do to take a break from city life.

How did Zelda come into your life?

“I have always wanted a dog and one day I went to the gym and saw my friend with his English bulldog puppy and I had to have one.  I enlisted the help from my friend and after lots of research (as well as taking Manhattan living into consideration) I ended up with the desire to have an English bulldog + Boston terrier mix.”

Why do you love traveling with Zelda and taking her with you on adventures?

“Who wouldn’t love traveling around with their beloved pet / family member. Zelda can only handle so much hiking but once she gets tired into the backpack she goes. Leaving her at home breaks my heart, so I bring her with me as often as possible.” 

How would you describe your personal style and why you like to share that with Zelda?

“My personal style depends on the activity. I feel comfortable in suit as well as I do in a muddy t-shirt and trousers. Zelda is much less work, she’s happy in anything that keeps her warm, like [the] Lucy & Co puffer.”


How did you find Lucy & Co and what made you choose the Puffer Vest?

“I found Lucy & Co through online research.  Lucy & Co had everything I wanted, great design that looked great on Zelda. Zelda and I were going to be adventuring into some cold places and I had seen other images [of] how well the Puffer fit other dogs.”

Looking good Zelda! Thanks for choosing Lucy & Co. 


Snag a vest for your pup while supplies last.

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Summer 2016 Bandanas

Everyone needs a breezy summer style, including your pup. Lucy & Co. is committed to your fashionable fido, even in the summer heat. A day at the park or a fun backyard BBQ, these exclusive summer bandanas are easy statement pieces that will surely keep tails wagging, and people talking. Comment below and tell us where your dog would wear a Lucy & Co. bandana this summer for a chance to win one! 

 Shop the whole collection here.

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Together, Found My Animal and Lucy & Co. are co-signing on a shared commitment to animal welfare and the power of adoption with the release of the exclusive Green collar and leash, made in the true Found My Animal crafted process. 100% of profits from these green goods will benefit dogs from Miami Dade County through the work of True and Faithful Pet Mission.



Miami-Dade county has a big problem. Each year, the county’s Animal Services impounds more than 27,000 dogs and cats while facing the challenges of limited shelter space. True and Faithful Pet mission, a certified 501c3, works to eliminate this challenge and help dogs find forever homes. Its mission is to house and rehabilitate seniors, handicapped, dogs labeled as “un-adoptables” and “code red” from Miami Dade Animal services. True and Faithful Pet Mission is a volunteer-based group. 100% of donations goes towards broken souls to give them a second chance at life. Its volunteers say that they “think with their hearts and not their checkbooks,” trying their best to pull the hardest most extreme cases that would normally go overlooked.


A united front, Found My Animal and Lucy & Co. join together in raising awareness of the Miami-Dade homeless dog issue. From May 12th to May 22nd, with each purchase of a Green Found My Animal leash or collar, we will commit 100% of profits to support True and Faithful Pet Mission’s work. Each collar or leash will help us save approximately one dog. Please consider helping us reach our goal of saving 100 dogs. Shop the collection here.

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Geometric shapes and patterns have been trending in home decor and design for the last few seasons. So, why shouldn’t the same aesthetic be applied to dog toy design? Up Dog Toys thinks it an appropriate fit and we couldn’t agree more! No need to pick up your dog’s toys and hide them when you’re having company over - the Odin finds its natural place on floors and dog beds within a beautifully curated home.

These gorgeous toys are built to challenge your pup, reminiscent of a geometry homework problem of yore, but much easier on the eyes. It’s a puzzle that’s meant to be tossed around, providing mental stimulation and physical activity for your pup, before releasing a rewarding treat once its code has been cracked.

Want to get your paws on an Odin? Here’s a chance to win! Comment below and tell us why your pup needs this shapely toy ASAP! We'll contact the winner tomorrow, March 22. 


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Introducing the Lucy & Co. Collection

For the first time ever, Lucy & Co. is excited to reveal two original garments dreamt up by our team and made in New York City. This sweatshirt and puffer vest were inspired by dogs that brave the cold, keeping performance, stylish comfort, and Lucy & Co’s obsession with attention to detailed quality in mind. These inaugural Lucy & Co. designs serve as signature pieces that tease at what is to come in future collections.

“Design matters because it's allows us to express ourselves. We express ourselves through the things we decorate our home with, the clothes our children wear, and the clothes we put on our dogs.”

We founded Lucy & Co. on the principles of timeless design and a commitment to quality. Our mission remains simple: we aim to build the the best online shop for dog apparel and accessories. We started by partnering with human-goods brands that we admired. Launching with just two collections, we began by shipping product out of our tiny apartment in Minneapolis. Since launching in August 2014, we have collaborated with amazing makers and designers for over a year.

In this time, we have had the privilege of getting to know our customers and the needs of their beloved dogs, developing a good sense for what our customers are looking for and what excites them. Our customers are mindful of what they select for their dogs. They appreciate when fashion and function are of equal importance in a product’s manifestation. They are honest in sharing feedback about their purchases, because they are passionate about their dogs and believe they deserve the best. Fueled by this insight, we are driven to dream up new products that excite and delight, pushing ourselves to the next level in what we offer our customers.The Lucy & Co. label gives us the opportunity to create products that do just that. Now, we are ready to make something special: our own designs. We had the vision and we teamed up with a talented designer in New York to bring this next chapter to life. Inspired by our Northern climate in Minnesota, we begin with what we know best: how to dress for the cold. We want to make garments that help dogs enjoy the outdoors year-round with their human companions.

A hooded sweatshirt. A puffer vest. These are items that every adventurer has in their wardrobe. But does your dog? While creating the sweatshirt and puffer vest, our design team built these garments around details that make the difference. We focused on offering two products in varying fabric weights for different climates and needs. We opted to develop clothing that allows dogs the freedom to be a dog, providing range of motion and easy care instructions. We finished these pieces off with piping embellishments on the sweatshirts and two different metal zippers on the puffer vests, because not only do performance details matter, but we believe that style details can take a garment to the next level.

After finalizing our designs, we chose high quality fabrics with performance in mind. The sweatshirt’s cotton/rayon blend will offer layering warmth, yet breathe. The poly-filled vest is made of a fabric with a water repellant finish so that your dog can enjoy time outside in the snow. These fabrics are sourced from China, allowing us to keep our materials cost down, invest in design and manufacturing at home, while offering pet apparel at a reasonable price. We were intentional about how we conducted this process from start to finish, with considerable thought and research going into each step of the process. The result: two new designs and four exciting products that we are proud to place the Lucy & Co. name on.

Lucy & Co’s commitment to quality dog goods represents the seismic evolution of how we think about our pets. In much of the world, the importance of pets is becoming recognized for the esteemed roles of companionship that pets play in our lives. Dogs are our best friends, our siblings, and sometimes our only children. The furriest member of the family, Lucy & Co. was built on the idea that dogs deserve nice things too. In the future, customers can expect to see a growing collection of our original, trendsetting designs alongside impressive collaborations. We will continue to push the envelope in our shop’s product offerings in our quest to be the favorite dog apparel and accessories shop.

Want to win a piece of our new collection? Comment below: tell us which garment from this collection you're most excited about and why.* 

*We'll pick a winner and announce on Thursday, January 14th. 

Photography by the very talented Roy Son

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Meet the Women Behind I AM Rescued

Photos courtesy of
In preparation for this Sunday’s upcoming I AM Rescued event, we chatted with the women behind it all: Sarah Edwards and Carrissa Glarner.

If you’re not familiar, these women started I AM Kindness, an organization that spreads kindness throughout the community. Founded after struggling to find the time to give back to the community as busy professionals, I AM Kindness is now a group of volunteers who are performing random - even small - acts of kindness (think surprise makeovers at senior homes) to promote goodwill and smiles.

Now, they’re putting the spotlight on the dogs of the community at one big event: I AM Rescued. I AM Rescued is based on the same type of mission as I AM Kindness, but it’s focusing on the furry residents of the Twin Cities.

“We thought it was time we give the local rescues and those who work so endlessly hard to save these fur-babies a day dedicated to them,” says Glarner.

These women love the idea that this event can bring the community together for an important cause.

Carrissa rescued her furry companion, Scout, about seven years ago and he has since changed her life. She says she didn’t expect that adopting Scout would have such an impact on her life and she wants others to have the same experience.

Growing up fostering dogs, Carrissa was accustomed to caring for pups without an attachment. But Scout was different and there was something about him that she was drawn to. She later she realized that it was perfect because he has an old soul to match hers.

Carrissa and Sarah hope that I AM Rescued will bring the community together in a way that will hopefully impact the outcome of these rescues' lives in some way or another.

“If one dog finds his forever home because someone came to [I AM Rescued] and made a connection, that’s a success in our eyes.”

I AM Rescued is partnering with sponsors like Spyhouse Coffee, Lucy & Co., @DogsofInstagram and other local vendors who will be selling food, coffee and goods for dogs and people alike.

“By bringing together the local rescues and vendors, we can join efforts in supporting the rescue initiative and encourage people to come meet the dogs in person,” says Glarner.

"We are really trying to create a social movement where being kind is a state of mind," says Edwards.

Join us this Sunday, July 26 at High Bridge Dog Park in St. Paul, MN. Check out I AM Rescued on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

We can't wait to see you at the first-ever I AM Rescued--it's going to be a tail-waggin' good time!

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Get Ready for the Best Day Ever


Meet Timmy! He recently had the best day ever filled with all of the things that make a dog’s life happy, fun and fulfilled.

Timmy is gearing up for I AM Rescued, where fellow rescue dogs, rescuers, dog-lovers and Minnesotans will unite on Sunday, June 26.

He’ll be showing off his handsome face in the @DogsofInstagram photobooth and meeting up with all his buddies, as well as making new furry friends. Local vendors will be setting up pop-up shops (like Lucy & Co.!) for both humans and dogs to enjoy.

For those who are interested in adopting a dog like Timmy and giving him or her the best days ever, there will be a handful of local shelters participating and ready to give guidance and information. 

I AM Rescued is sure to be an unforgettable event and we are excited for you to join in the fun!

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7 Things Your Dog Should Do This Summer

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to get out there and soak up the sun! We’ve compiled some fun activities for both canines and humans, courtesy of loyal Lucy & Co. customer, Denah Perry and her Boston Terriers Captain Jack and Ruby Love.

1. Take a cruise on the boat in your Hawaiian shirt. Feel that wind in your ears!

2. …and while you’re on the boat, you should probably crack open a refreshing beverage!

3. Make sure you and your friends coordinate your outfits for maximum cuteness and Instagram likes.

4. Have a race in the park with your buddies. Keep the water nearby because temps are rising!

5. Go for a swim, we hear the water’s fine!

6. Invite your friends over for a playdate and some after-work treats!

7. A little nap never killed nobody! Better rest up for more fun in the sun tomorrow.

Can you think of a Thing Your Dog Should Do This Summer? Come up with Idea #8 in a comment on this post and be eligible to win a Raglan by Hello Apparel of your choice!

Follow @rubylovethebostonterrier on Instagram for more cute pics!

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