How to keep your dog cool in the summer

We all love the summer months, but unfortunately our furry friends can easily get overheated and dehydrated., It's important to take steps to keep them cool and comfortable to ensure their safety.. Here are some easy tips & tricks to help keep your dog cool this summer: 

6 tips for staying cool all summer long!

  • Provide plenty of shade: Make sure your dog has access to a shaded area where they can rest and stay cool! 

  • Keep them hydrated: Keep the water coming! Make sure your pup has access to fresh, clean water at all times. Consider adding ice cubes to their water bowl to keep it cool.

  • Avoid hot pavement: We know we still need to take our pups on walks during the summer, but try to head out early to avoid hot asphalt and concrete that can burn your pups paw pads. Walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cooler, or stick to grassy areas.

  • Dress your pup in our front clip harness. Made from neoprene and breathable mesh, it will help your pup avoid overheating! You can also soak your pup’s bandana in water - and even let it freeze for a little bit - so when you put it on your pup, it’s nice and cool! 

  • Cool down with water: Use a hose or sprinkler to mist your dog with cool water. You can also hit the beach, lake or provide a kiddie pool for your dog to play in! The Lucy & Co. Dogs love to play in the water and be outside all summer long (must be because of our long winters) so we keep them water ready with our Waterproof Everyday Gear! 

  • Keep them groomed: If you’ve got a super furry pup make sure to keep them groomed during the summer months. A good haircut will go a long way to helping your dog regulate their body temperature. Brushing your dog regularly will help remove excess fur and prevent matting, which can trap heat. Keep in mind that some dogs are meant to have longer hair, so ask your vet or local groomer what the appropriate fur length is for them to be safe and comfy all summer long!

Have more tips to keep your pup cool in the summer? Share them with us on social! We love the opportunity to share more ideas on how to keep our pups safe, cool and happy during the heat of the dog days of summer. 

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