what *exactly* is Hot Dog Summer?? We’re so glad you asked…

Hot • Dog • Summer [Noun]

Who let the (HOT) dogs out?! Us (us us us us!)!  We’ve got so much newness coming your way this summer we've officially dubbed it “Hot Dog Summer!"

The season of outdoor zoomies, warm evening walks, extra treats, and NEW CUTE GEAR!
Our newest, cutest gear of the year is dropping soon and pups everywhere can strut their stuff in the cutest summer fits. But Hot Dog Summer isn’t  just about looking good - it’s about feeling good too! Hot Dog Summer is all about getting out and enjoying all that summer has to offer - with your four-legged bestie of course! Long walks in the sunshine, splashing around in the water, and endless games of fetch - what could be better? So grab your pup’s leash and get ready for a summer full of tail-wagging fun!!

Coming in hot! The four big launches of Hot Dog Summer.

We're getting ready to drop some major nostalgia, major newness and major cuteness for your pup! Think 90s boom box era, no-pull harness functionality and more. Keep reading to find out what's coming soon and when you can expect to get your pup's paws on the new gear.

The Italian Seaside Collection

Take your pup along for your Dream Trip to Italy! Our newest capsule brings the Italian Seaside to life with simple pleasures of sailboats on the water, the taste of something sweet, and a relaxing stroll down a romantic old-world alley.



New! The Lucy & Co. No-Pull Harness

You've been asking and we've been working! We are so excited to share that our first ever no-pull, front clip dog harness is ALMOST HERE! Sometimes pups need that extra stability and with 2 leash attachment points—front and back—these fully adjustable harnesses offer the ultimate in flexibility and comfort. The cutest part? The one-of-a-kind prints, hello Strawberry Picnic!!

Estimated Launch Date: Mid may

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Coming Soon! The Meet Me in Malibu Collection

Let us take you back to the nostalgic nineties of Malibu cruising, mall meet-ups and colorful clothes with our newest capsule, The Meet Me In Malibu! It's bright, bold and thoughtfully designged for both functionality and fashion! These prints will drop you back into the roller rink, bubble yum chewing summertime of your childhood and you don't want to miss the launch! Get on the Waiting Lists so you can shop when they drop!

Estimated Launch Date: End of May 2023

Get on the waiting lists!

New! The Solid No-Pull Harness & Waterproof Everyday Gear

You love us for our prints, but now you'll love us for your solids too! We've got more front clip, no-pull dog harnesses coming in your favorite Everyday Gear colors! With 2 leash attachment points—front and back—these fully adjustable harnesses offer the ultimate in flexibility and comfort.

We'll let you know when the waiting lists open!

Estimated Launch Date: Mid June 2023

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