How to Choose Between a Reversible Harness or No-Pull Harness

When it comes to walking your dog, having the right harness can make all the difference. A harness helps to distribute pressure across your dog's body, making it more comfortable for them to walk on a leash. But with so many different harness styles to choose from, how do you know which option is best for your dog? In this post, we'll share information about the two Lucy & Co. Harnesses and which one might be best for your pup! 

No-Pull Harnesses 

A no-pull harness is a type of harness that has two leash attachment points. One at the front of the dog's chest, and one on the dog's back.

  • This type of harness is designed to help reduce pulling by giving the handler more control over the dog's movements. For example, when the dog pulls on the leash, the no-pull harness causes them to turn towards the handler, which helps to redirect their attention and discourage pulling.
  • No-pull harnesses are a good choice for dogs that are strong pullers or have a tendency to lunge or jump while on a leash. They can also be helpful for dogs that are reactive to other dogs or people while on walks. By redirecting the dog's attention towards the handler, a no-pull harness can help to prevent these types of behaviors.
  • No-Pull harnesses also allow owners to find the perfect fit for their pup with the flexibility in adjusting both the fit of the neck and chest. This type of harness is perfect for uniquely shaped pups that sometimes struggle to find the right fit.

Why the Lucy & Co. No-Pull Harness?

One of the best parts about our new No-Pull Harness is that it has dual attachment points: one at the front and one at the back so you don't have to choose between one type of harness or the other! The two leash D-rings provide added flexibility and versatility for pup's who are leash training or those that need extra stability. The two different leash attachment points allow you to easily cater to your dog's walking style and environment.

Tailor-made for comfort, our new no-pull harness has fully adjustable neck and chest straps to ensure a snug, secure fit for any dog breeds up to about 55lbs. Made from flexible neoprene and breathable mesh, this lightweight, padded harness doesn’t compromise durability or quality, providing a great walking experience for active pups!

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Reversible Harnesses

A reversible harness, specifically the Lucy & co. Reversible Harness, is a type of harness that has one leash attachment point. This leash attachment point is on the dog's back, near the shoulder blades.

  • This harness is great for dogs that like to switch up their style! It's like you're getting two harnesses in one. 
  • Reversible harnesses are a good choice for dogs that are well trained and don't need their energy or focus redirected. 

Why the Lucy & Co. Reversible Harness?

The Lucy & Co. Reversible Harness is great for pups that like to switch up their style with minimal effort. And with the reversible prints and patterns, this harness is really like getting two for the price of one! Made from our signature neoprene and featuring two cute prints in one great fit, our Reversible Harness looks great and moves well too! The flexible, durable neoprene is lightweight and padded for a comfortable fit. With a back clip D-ring leash attachment, this harness is great for all pups up to about 55lbs.

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So, which one should you choose?

The answer to this question depends on your dog's individual needs and behavior. If your dog is training, a strong puller, or has a tendency to lunge or jump while on a leash, our No-Pull harness may be the better choice. One of the best features about our No-Pull harnesses is that with the dual attachment points, you can still use it just as you would our customer favorite Reversible Harness.

That being said, our Reversible Harnesses have thousands of 5 star reviews, making it a great option if your pup is an easy walker and redirecting their focus or energy isn’t a priority for you. Plus, two outfits in one? Yes please! 

It's also important to consider other factors, such as your dog's size, breed, and any health issues they may have. For example, small dogs may benefit from a no-pull harness as they can be more prone to injury from pulling. 

Ultimately, the best way to determine which type of harness is right for your dog is to try out a few different styles and see what works best for them. Remember, the goal is to make walks as comfortable, enjoyable, and successful as possible for both you and your furry friend! As always, if you're unsure, checking in with your vet is always the best idea. Happy walking!

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