In collaboration with Lucy & Co., Paper & Clay is delighted to bring refined design to your dog’s dining experience. An extension of Brit’s modern and functional ceramic collection, she has created each dog bowl by hand with careful attention to detail and with dog-friendly usability in mind. Paper & Clay throws Texas-sourced clay in her small (but growing) studio in Downtown Memphis.

Brit first fell in love with ceramics when she was in college, but it took her time to realize the art form’s importance in her life. After graduating and entering the workforce, it took a few years before the epiphany hit: she was meant to have a creative career. From this realization, she continued her soul searching, which found its destination when Brit founded Paper & Clay in June 2013. Paper & Clay launched a Kickstarter campaign, which raised enough capital to purchase a wheel, a kiln, and a few other basic supplies.

Two years later, Brit has been growing Paper & Clay slowly and steadily, recently expanding into a new-and-improved studio with her first employee hire on the horizon. To date, every decision Brit has made for her business has been done with careful consideration and rooted in intention. For Brit, design is important because it’s a way to apply this intention to a specific idea or object. It’s purposeful and intentional and it is the vessel that delivers an idea to our world.

I love the idea that I not only get to create something that has never existed before, and which will survive long after I’m gone, but also the fact that the work that I create goes on to live in another person’s home to become a part of their life. That’s a really powerful idea.”

Paper & Clay’s thoughtfulness even decides the origins of its selected materials, as Paper & Clay values sourcing small-batch, American-made products as often as possible, with quality remaining a huge consideration. The studio’s clay comes from an on-site, single-source facility in Austin, Texas, manifesting in a rich, strong clay - Brit’s personal favorite. Additional materials such as dyes and tools are sourced from a ceramic shop in Philadelphia. The Paper & Clay magic, however, is currently made by Brit’s hands in her studio, located in Downtown Memphis. Paper & Clay is known to have a clean and refined aesthetic, with an exciting but controlled color palette. Brit notes that she’s been influenced by a love for Mid-century and Scandinavian design, but that, above all, she strives to make work that she’d be excited to have in her own home.

My products are made in Memphis because, well, that’s where I am! I’m here because Memphis is an incredible city with culture and history to enrich the lives of all of its residents, while maintaining an affordability that makes is a wonderful location for creative entrepreneurs.”

Paper & Clay has been successful in two short years because it combines sophisticated design with the richness that is unique to something handmade. Brit also credits her success to the companionship of her 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier with nonstop energy, Jetta, who serves as a studio mate when Brit’s burning the midnight oil. Jetta’s boundless energy is matched only in force by Brit’s commitment to her hometown community. Her “5-year-plan” is one in which she has desires to grow Paper & Clay brand in a way that will allow her to give back to the creative community in Memphis.

I love the special companionship that comes only from having a dog in your life. It’s a constant that you can depend on, and it teaches you the value of loving and caring for another being.”

For more Paper & Clay products or to follow Brit’s work, check out Paper & Clay or @britmcdaniel on Instagram.

Photography courtesy of the very talented Paper & Clay.

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