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Continuing a mission to offer quality and unique items to dogs and their humans alike, Lucy & Co. dreams up a private label collection full of original garments.

These hoodies and puffer vests were inspired by dogs that brave the cold, keeping performance, stylish comfort, and Lucy & Co’s obsession with attention to detailed quality in mind. These inaugural Lucy & Co. designs serve as signature pieces that tease at what is to come in future collections.

“Design matters because it's allows us to express ourselves. We express ourselves through the things we decorate our home with, the clothes our children wear, and the clothes we put on our dogs.”

We founded Lucy & Co. on the principles of timeless design and a commitment to quality. Our mission remains simple: to create a store full of things that make dogs and their humans happy. We started by partnering with human-goods brands that we admired. Launching with just two collections, we began by shipping products out of our tiny apartment in Minneapolis. Since launching in August 2014, we have collaborated with amazing makers and designers for over three years.

In this time, we have had the privilege of getting to know our customers and the needs of their beloved dogs, developing a good sense for what our customers are looking for and what excites them. Our customers are mindful of what they select for their dogs. They appreciate when fashion and function are of equal importance in a product’s manifestation. They are honest in sharing feedback about their purchases, because they are passionate about their dogs and believe they deserve the best. Fueled by this insight, we are driven to dream up new products that excite and delight, pushing ourselves to the next level in what we offer our customers.

The Lucy & Co. label gives us the opportunity to create products that do just that.. We had the vision and we teamed up with a talented designer in New York to bring this next chapter to life. Inspired by our Northern climate in Minnesota, we began with what we know best: how to dress for the cold. We want to make garments that help dogs enjoy the outdoors year-round with their human companions.


While creating the sweatshirt and puffer vest, our design team built these garments around details that make the difference. We focused on offering two products in varying fabric weights for different climates and needs. We opted to develop clothing that allows dogs the freedom to be a dog, providing range of motion and easy care instructions. We finished these pieces off with their own special embellishments to make each garment unlike anything else out there. Amusing sayings on the sweatshirts to make your walks a little funnier, because if your dog could talk they would definitely have personality! In addition to two different metal zippers on the puffer vests, we searched high and low to bring you strong, classic colors and plaids to drive you mad. Why? Not only do performance details matter, but we believe that style details can take a garment to the next level.



After finalizing our designs, we chose high quality fabrics with performance in mind. The sweatshirt’s cotton blend will offer layering warmth, yet breathe. The poly-filled vest is made of a fabric with a water repellant finish so that your dog can enjoy time outside in the rain or snow. These fabrics are sourced overseas, allowing us to keep our materials cost down, invest in design (and some manufacturing) at home, while offering pet apparel at a reasonable price. We were intentional about how we conducted this process from start to finish, with considerable thought and research going into each step of the process. The result: two new designs and seven exciting products that we are proud to place the Lucy & Co. name on.

Lucy & Co’s commitment to quality dog goods represents the seismic evolution of how we think about our pets. In much of the world, the importance of pets is becoming recognized for the esteemed roles of companionship that pets play in our lives. Dogs are our best friends, our siblings, and sometimes our only children. The furriest member of the family, Lucy & Co. was built on the idea that dogs deserve nice things too. In the future, customers can expect to see a growing collection of our original, trendsetting designs alongside impressive collaborations. We will continue to push the envelope in our shop’s product offerings in our quest to be the favorite dog apparel and accessories shop.

Photography by the very talented Roy Son.

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