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The third in a line-up of all-star collaborations, Hello Apparel is introducing their first-ever dog duds exclusively with Lucy & Co. Screen printed in Arizona on American-Made hoodies, tails will wag at the chance to say a hound “hello.” Lucy & Co. is excited to team up with Hello, a company that donates monthly to a variety of humane and no-kill animal organizations. This year alone, they have donated over $15,000 to local and national rescues and shelters and make that company value a commitment for the future. 

Sam Means, a musician and designer, had been rocking out in bands while selling and creating merchandise for years when he decided to harmonize these talents. He launched Hello Merch in April 2008 as a way for artists and bands to host an online store and fulfill orders without giving up their rights by signing a major label-style merch contract. Mean(s)while, his wife Anita gave birth to their daughter. A new mom fed up with the cost of adorable baby clothes, she wondered if they could utilize their warehouse and screen printing resources to adorn their babe with fun and cleverly cute garb. 

“Everything we do has to fit and be something we would use or wear ourselves. If it doesn't, we won't do it.” 

Hello Apparel started in November 2012 when Sam and Anita put their heads together and greeted their next chapter of apparel merchandising. Today, they have grown to 10 employees based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Having gained recognition of their signature Hello font, the Hello brand has a loyal following of customers, becoming the darling especially among young families looking for the perfect tee for kids and parentals alike.


"People like Hello because its cute, comfy and fun. It's affordable and our stuff speaks for itself, specifically and quite literally our statement tees."

Hello's product line spans the size spectrum with customers of all ages donning their threads. With that in mind, softness and fit is of utmost importance to Hello, printing on American Apparel and Alternative Apparel, both made either in the USA or fair trade made in other countries. Recently, Hello also started making its own clothing out of textiles purchased from a Los Angeles company. 

Sam and Anita are not only Made in America, design enthusiasts, but they are also passionate pet people. They have two rat terriers, Apples and Olive. Apples, 11-years-old, was adopted from a family whose dogs had puppies. Olive, 10-years-old, came from a farm, joining the Means family for a new life in the city of Glendale. Anita considers Apples and Olive to be her first- and second-born children whose birth orders rank chronologically before the arrival of her human child.

"Without design, there would be nothing."

Hello Apparel and Lucy & Co. find natural partnership, as both brands value dogs, quality, and community above all. Hello continues to sweep the nation, retail stores, and Internet with a simple “Hello.” As the brand evolves, it hopes to find its way into the hearts and stores of many. Growth ensures they’ll be able to continue their commitment to animal shelters and rescues, making significant donations to the improvement of the lives of dogs in need. 

For Hello human apparel or to follow their adorable feed of happy customers, check out HelloApparelStore.com or @HelloApparel on Instagram.

Photography by Hello Apparel

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