In collaboration with Lucy & Co., Found My Animal is releasing a Chinese Red dog rope collar and leash, exclusive to the Lucy & Co. collection. Found My Animal is the sixth collaboration in the Lucy & Co. line-up and the first existing pet accessories company to partner with Lucy & Co. in an exclusive collaboration. 

Many humans believe that we don’t choose our animal companions, but that they choose us. Imagine if your dog chose your business partner. That’s exactly what happened when Found My Animals founders met on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn while walking their two rescue pups, both of whom were named Walter. While the Walters were sizing each other up, their people started a conversation that quickly revealed a shared concern for animal welfare. The stars aligning in a New York Minute, they decided to become partners after discovering they had more in common than two rescue dogs with the same name. They had both attended great design schools—Cooper Union and Rhode Island School of Design—and were passionate about animals, rescue, and a love of the principles of good design. 

Inspired by a fisherman in the family, Found My Animal made its first three-strand, hand-spliced and whipped rope leash for their rescue pups back in 2006. As many people stopped the Walters in the street to admire their unique nautical leads, their owners quite literally got roped into making and sharing their leashes with others. 

Eight years later, Found My Animal manufactures all its products in a Brooklyn studio located in the old Pfizer building on Flushing Ave in Williamsburg, domestically sourcing rope and fabrics, with the intention that all of its selected materials are made to be used in any environment. The rope and hardware are built to be used by the ocean. It’s not uncommon to bump into people in the city who have been using their leashes for five years and they still look beautiful. Which is due in large part to the care that goes into the selection of materials and the handcraft of Found My Animal employees’ production, a team which has swelled to 17 from the local community who lovingly hand-make everything they sell.

Found My Animal’s quality and attention to details are what makes them stand out as a pet accessories company. Each and every piece takes time to create and it is evident that it is done with both love and commitment. Last year, they were certified as a "B Corp", or benefit corporation. This is a new model of for-profit business where a business can "do good while doing well". Found My Animal promotes animal adoption in a very direct way: let your pet wear your values. By encouraging rescue over purchase, Found My Animal supports animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver our simple, important message. 

An important message, which is heard loud and clear through Found My Animal’s signature Orange Leash, also manufactured here in the US. Orange is the color of animal protection awareness. The color is perfect for getting people’s attention and, most importantly, inspires conversations about this important topic. Found My Animal’s orange rescue leash highlights (literally) the message. “Hey, I was rescued, join the club!”

The individually-numbered, stamped tags on each FOUND leash serve as a reminder of the uniqueness of your animal and allow us to keep track of the number of animals you have helped so far.

Together, Found My Animal and Lucy & Co. are co-signing on a shared commitment to animal welfare and the power of adoption with the release of the exclusive Chinese Red collar and leash, made in the true Found My Animal crafted process. Found My Animal’s founder, Bethany Obrecht, mother to rescues Henri the Chihuahua and Claude the Mix, appreciates good design and well made products for her family and pup, so partnering with Lucy & Co. was a no-brainer. A united front, these two companies join together to get better products in deserving paws with the encouragement to consider adoption when selecting the next member of your family. 

Dogs are the most wonderful friend you could ever ask for. Somehow they always know when you need some love,” gushes Bethany, Found My Animal's founder. 

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