In collaboration with Lucy & Co., Faribault Woolen Mill Co. is releasing a set of dog wool blankets true to Faribault's heritage and careful craft. The blankets can be used for protecting car seats, shielding couches from fur balls, and softening any surface for snuggle puppies in need of comfort. Each blanket is made from recycled wool, resulting in a soft, speckled-grey fabric perfect for fido and is available in two sizes and two colors. Loomed in the Land of Lakes, this homegrown collaboration hails from Minnesota Nice. 

Established in 1865 –the year Abraham Lincoln died and the Civil War ended- on the banks of the Cannon River in Faribault, Minnesota, the Faribault Woolen Mill is a living testament to American craftsmanship, producing fine woolens renowned for their comfort and quality. The mill’s rich 150-year-old archives provide the inspiration for a timeless, yet updated collection of blankets, throws, scarves and accessories carried at the finest stores and online retailers around the world. Loomed in the Land of Lakes, every piece is made to last for generations.

Faribault Woolen Mill is an impressive operation that holds the title of being the last remaining mill in America producing finished woolens from raw wool all under one roof. Its products are created over a twenty-two step process, which takes a raw bale of wool, dyes it, spins it, weaves and finishes it - each step completed with great care and without a shortcut in sight. The Faribault mill is unique in that it is the only mill in the world that can make its product. Faribault has irreplaceable machinery, some dating from 1905. Its “new” mill was made in 1892.


Every Faribault Woolen Mill product is made in Faribault, Minnesota, also true to a nearly 150-year-old heritage. Faribault sources most of its wool from wool growers in the Western United States. The exclusive Lucy & Co. dog blanket is made from recycled wool, manifesting itself in equal parts eco and fun. Faribault’s recycled product is the only fabric where acrylic is added: recycled acrylic. This is done to save it from the landfill, while adding a touch of softness. With pampered pups in mind, the Faribault blanket is finished in a paw-proof serge stitch that embellishes with a pop of color. 

Today, the mill employs just under 100 people with a few dogs that make frequent visits to Faribault’s offices. The camaraderie and community within the mill is palpable, some employees have become permanent fixtures, one of whom recently celebrated 60 years with Faribault. Together, the Faribault family produces classic, honest, and beautiful woolen goods with both authentic intention and for practical use. A crafted tradition that stands the test of time, Faribault’s mission is to be around for another 150 years providing warmth and quality for generations to come.

For more Faribault Woolen Mill Co. products or to follow a continuing history, check out FaribaultMill.com or @faribaultmill on Instagram. Photography by Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

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