Dog Threads

Gina & Scott & Thomas

In collaboration with Lucy & Co., Dog Threads is excited to outfit pups in an exclusive holiday flannel button-down this winter season. Dog Threads prides itself in hand sewing classic-but-modern dog clothing made from fabrics you would find in your own closet. Whether it be for humor or as a necessity due to harsh winters, Dog Threads provides quality dog clothing that is fitting of your dog’s personality.

“Look good, feel good. We believe our pups should walk out of the house feeling their best. And because, let's be honest, it's fun.”

When Thomas the Dog was just a young lad, he acquired one of his most memorable pieces of clothing, a Hawaiian print button down shirt, later dubbed as his 'BBQ Shirt.' One of the first times he wore it was to a family 4th of July BBQ where it became an instant crowd pleaser. From that day forward, it became a tradition for Thomas to arrive in his Hawaiian print button down to our annual 4th of July BBQ. And, now, at almost any Summertime party Thomas attends, he is sure to be wearing his BBQ shirt.

As the brisk air set in and leaves began to fall, Gina and Scott hung the BBQ shirt in the back of the closet and hit the mall for Thomas’ next #OOTD. Dog Threads began designing its first prototype in the Fall of 2014 after searching for a new shirt for Thomas and not finding anything that fit his personality. Given his human-like qualities, Gina and Scott decided to design a classic button down shirt, much like one you would find in any young man's closet. After just a few outings in his new shirt, they were approached by a handful of fellow dog lovers clamoring for similar shirts for their dogs. This gave Scott and Gina permission to create more designs and make them available to other pups.

With Gina being a clothing designer and Scott having a constant desire to start his own business, it was a natural progression to launch a dog clothing line rooted in a shared interest in picking out clothing for their dog. Dog Threads is family owned business, consisting of Thomas and his humans, in the name of classic, contemporary, human-like dog clothing. They share in the responsibilities as any small business does, but Thomas seems to gravitate towards the modeling end of the business.

Dog Threads makes a commitment to every stitch in time. Based out of Minneapolis, its materials are sourced locally and its products are made by seamstresses in the area. Having the products made nearby allows Dog Threads to take an active hands-on approach and ensure a high level of quality for each of the designs it sells.

“We believe that our customers share in the belief that our pets are truly family members, and our clothes allow them to dress the part.”


Launching Holiday 2014, Dog Threads is focused on getting their first threads in the loving paws of its first customers. As they grow, Gina, Scott, and Thomas would love to add to the collection and continue to work with other like-minded animal lovers.

For more Dog Threads products or to peep into a Thomas-inspired closet, check out or @ShopDogThreads on Instagram.

Photography by Dog Threads

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