In collaboration with Lucy & Co., Cardtorial has extended its dog card collection to include three new wood cards in honor of pups that come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages! Cardtorial’s laser engraved wood cards are a fun alternative that recipients will be sure to hold onto. Cardtorial is the fifth collaborative partner to join the Lucy & Co. shop, introducing the first element of wood to the collection.

Yvonne Leung made her first wooden card in 2012. It was a side-project of hers that her inner-entrepreneur pursued when she wasn’t at her corporate world job. A business-minded-gal from the get-go, it was only natural that she took the project very seriously, opening an online shop shortly after her first card came off the laser engraver. In one year’s time, Cardtorial became Yvonne’s full-time focus and, by 2014,  her catalogue has grown to over 200 products. 

Cardtorial takes paper goods back to their origin form, celebrating the strength and staying power of wood. Hand-crafted and laser-cut onto beautiful,  sustainable wood, each Cardtorial keepsake is meant to be just that - kept and treasured for always. Their raw material of choice, Cardtorial selected wood for its natural, elegant simplicity. Symbolically, it lasts and lasts, like all great memories should. 

“Design matters as a form of expression.  Whether a design is creative, smart, thought-provoking, funny, or inspirational, to me, it’s all valid.”

Working with a number of different illustrators, most Cardtorial products begin with a sketch on good, ol’ paper before it evolves in Illustrator. Once a design is finalized, it is “printed” using a Kickstarter campaign-funded laser engraver on domestically-sourced wood.  From start to finish, every piece of Cardtorial’s process is made in the USA. Cardtorial prints, packages, and ships everything out of its studio in Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District. Yvonne’s principle is to stand behind every aspect of her products. She boasts of the relationships with those working on Cardtorial goods, a pride which translates to the products’ tangible form.

“Everything is made in-house simply because crafting these products is something in which we take great pride.”

The uniqueness of Cardtorial’s products and the quality of its craftsmanship has helped to establish the company in two fast-paced years. Cardtorial’s modern, whimsical designs paired with wood’s timeless charm make for a surprising, delightful gift that recipients hold onto. 

“Dogs are are pure. Loyal. Loving. They make the best companions, spread joy, and offer unconditional love!”

When Lucy & Co. discovered Cardtorial, Cardtorial already had a pretty extensive offering of dog designs. Together, we have collaborated on three new designs, lauding a few overlooked underdogs: rescues, mutts, and seniors. Cardtorial was happy to join the tail-wagging inclusion of these underserved categories, creating three cards exclusive to the Lucy & Co. collection.

As Cardtorial looks to the future, Yvonne hopes to continue to consistently make and create unique and thoughtful products - whether they be for humans, for the home or for the pups. Or maybe even her pup, as she has desires to have a dog all her own soon!

For more Cardtorial products or to follow Yvonne's work, check out or @Cardtorial on Instagram.

Office photography by the very talented Robert Zaleski. Product shot by Cardtorial.

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