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We're obsessed with Florida-based doodles Max & Mia of @thatdoodleduo. These beach loving siblings may be small, but they have big personalities and a knack for taking ridiculously cute photos. We recently chatted with the duo's human to learn more about these adorable doods and their favorite Lucy & Co. harnesses!


What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog(s)? Snuggle!! I can’t get enough. 

What are your dogs' favorite things to do? They both love being outside with people. As long as they are meeting smiling faces, their day can’t get any better. Sometimes we think Mia is going to burst with excitement.

Max also really loves playing hide and go seek, once the game gets going he starts losing his patience when it is his turn to “count”, he just wants to go find the hider! Ha!

What are your dogs' personalities like?
Super playful, they go 0-100 REAL QUICK. Either full on playtime or just plop down for nap time. Mia is definitely more of a snuggle-bug and Max is too smart for his own good. He’s always figuring out ways to get into things.


Which Lucy & Co. harness(es) do you have? Do you have a favorite?
We’ve had a few, our current favorites are the The Posy Pink for Mia and the Prehistoric Party for Max. We are huge Jurassic Park fans so HAD to get the Dinos (duh!) and Mia’s is just soo cute. Perfect for the spring & summer months.

What do you like about it? How do Max and Mia like them?
I love the functionality of it, incredibly easy to get on and off our excited & squirmy pups. The double buckles make putting these on a breeze. Another thing momma loves is that they are washer friendly and the nylon material doesn’t get stinky!!

Our dogs love the breathability and quick dry of the fabric, we’ve had other harnesses that make them hot or uncomfortable and you can just tell what your dog likes and doesn’t.

Do you have the matching leash?
Major fashion faux pas if you don’t! Just kidding, but we love the leashes and the careful thought that went into the design.

For those who do not have a Lucy & Co. leash - you may be thinking how could one leash be that much better? Putting the cute fabric designs aside, the Clasp or ‘Carabiner’ has a locking mechanism that prevents the leash clasp from pulling open. A simple design can make the biggest difference in safety!


What's it like having two dogs the same age? What was it like when they were puppies? Having two puppies together was the best decision for us. In general puppies are such handfuls, adding one more to the mix wasn’t going to change much. They play with each other all day everyday, something I really treasure watching.

Any funny stories you’d like to share about your dog(s)? Goodness - where to even begin? These guys have us cracking up on the daily. A recent funny story; they made a cage break (no clue how as the cage has HANDLES) and were looking to get into the treat bag I left on the kitchen table. They were so focused that they didn’t realize I had come back inside: but what I found so funny was the scene laid out before me:  Max had hoped up on a chair, trying to get onto the table while Mia stood by and I could swear they were talking to each other. Mia looked like she was standing as a look-out, while Max got the goods.

We like to joke that they are actually mini raptors, opening up doors and jumping on to kitchen tables all while having their own secret raptor language. Mia even makes a raptor noise, I’m still trying to get it on video!


Questions? Comments? Want to tell Max & Mia how cute they are? Comment below!

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