Harness Highlight: Hero and Justice

We're obsessed with New York-based siblings Max & Mia of @herotheaussie and @justicetheaussie. These city siblings have big personalities and a knack for taking stunning photos. We recently chatted with the duo's human to learn more about these adorable dogs and their favorite Lucy & Co. harnesses!


What is it like having two pups in the city? It’s great, so many people own dogs here in New York. It’s nice to have other dog parents to relate to and have doggy play dates!

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog(s)? I love to stay in with them since they’re both such great cuddlers!

What are your dogs' favorite things to do? They both love to go to the park and herd all the humans.

What are your dogs' personalities like?
Hero is super loving, very outgoing and LOVES people and dogs! Justice is more reserved and shy but very active and energetic. Both definitely vary different from each other, Justice needs some time to warm up to people. Most of the time she’s stuck next to my leg. Hero, however, will run around greeting everyone asking to be loved.



How did you hear about Lucy & Co.? About our harnesses? We’ve been customers of Lucy & Co for a while, and we’re subscribed to their emails!

Which Lucy & Co. harness(es) do you have? Why did you choose that one? We have the Birds of Paradise and Jungle Vibes harness! We choose these two prints because we LOVE the beautiful greens on the harnesses, and they totally vibe with my wild dogs!

What do you like about it? How does your dog like it? We love that the harnesses are padded which provides a lot of comfort for them, and they're reversible too! Just in case you wanted to change up the look you know? I think my dogs love them, as it doesn’t irritate their underarms like other harnesses do!

Do you have the matching leash? If so, what are your thoughts? Yes we do! We love the matching leashes and love the swivel clasp to avoid an all twisted up leash!



How do Hero and Justice get along? Are they best friends or do they just put up with each other? They love each other, Justice really looks at Hero like her big brother. She will follow him wherever he goes, and will always lay next to him. Hero also puts up with her because she likes to ‘play’ beat him up, like all little siblings do!

Any funny stories you’d like to share about your dog(s)? Hero HATED Justice when I first brought her home. He would growl at her and was so fed up that another dog was in his home. For some strange reason after Justice got spayed, that’s when Hero decided “oh hey, I like you and want to play!” Meanwhile this was the time where we had to keep Justice in a cone and had to keep her from jumping and running. Way to go on timing Hero!


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Ahmed El Shourbagy


Ahmed El Shourbagy

Very clever and beautiful—my shih tzu, being so close to the ground would not show off the beauty of your harnesses—pehaps the beautiful designs should be on top to be admired!

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