Harness Highlight: Gigi

We're longtime fangirls of @gigimakesmesmile, and seeing her in our stuff just gives us all the feels. She's a Cali girl at heart, but loves to travel the world with her humans! Read below for more on Gigi and her harness must-haves!


What’s your favorite thing to do with Gigi? Travel! Gigi is an amazing traveler. I love experiencing new cities and places with her. She makes it easy to meet new people and strike up a conversation too. It usually starts out with something like, “Oh My Gawd, who is this dog? How old is she? She is so cute what is her name?” She in return loves the attention and mama’s made a new friend!

What’s Gigi's favorite thing to do? S-N-U-G-G-L-E. She loves to snuggle on laps or next to bodies. If we get on the couch, she is instantly right there at our feet asking to come and snuggle next to us.

What is Gigi's personality like? Loving, fun, attention-seeking and smiley! Gigi is overall such a positive, loving dog to be around. She loves loves loves attention from us and anyone else.



How did you hear about Lucy & Co.? About our harnesses? Thinking back on it, I think we first heard of Lucy & Co. through @dogsofinstagram! We saw the relationship and made the connection.

Which Lucy & Co. harness(es) do you have? Why did you choose that one? Gigi has the Birds of Paradise and the Blushing Plaid harnesses. Gigi LOVES pink so the Blushing Plaid harness was very fitting for her. She also LOVES to look at (chase) birdies so we thought the Birds of Paradise harness was appropriate :)

What do you like about it? How does your dog like it? Lucy & Co.’s harnesses are comfortable. Gigi loves being in them. They are not too tight or loose and fit snug like a rug. They are easy to put on and take off too!

Do you have the matching leash? If so, what are your thoughts? Yes! We love having the matching sets. Gigi is a fashionista, so she always has to match. 


Any funny stories you’d like to share about your dog? Aside from snuggling and meeting new people, Gigi’s other favorite thing to do is explore. Any time we are in a new room or location, she sniffs all the areas possible and explores as much as she can. WELL one day our gardener left the side gate open and unbeknownst to us, Gigi had been outside in the yard. About 10 minutes go by and I think “Where’s Gigi?” I go outside and realize the gate is open and PANIC. I go out into our front street and start calling her name, but as I am calling her name I hear roaring laughter coming from a neighbor’s house about 3 houses down. I think, “I bet Gigi is in there,” and sure enough I go over and the neighbor and his kids are all rolling on the ground with Gigi, laughing. He says, “I think someone’s dog has moved in,” and well that is a story about Gigi and her exploratory, meeting people habits!

What is the coolest thing Gigi has ever done? Gigi was on a Billboard! That’s right! Her dad works in music and they used a picture of her for a Billboard on the way to Coachella. It was amazing!

How many states has Gigi visited? What was it like on tour/why was she on tour? Gigi has now been to NY, GA, FL, TX, SC, NJ, DC, PA, MA, VT, IL, WI, WA, OR, ID, UT, CA, CO and then some places in Canada as well! So that makes it 18 states and 3 Provences in Canada. Gigi lived on the tour bus with us and overall it was pretty easy thanks to having a ginormous tour family help look after her. All the fans, production staff, tour staff, venue staff in each city and other performing artists just gobbled up her cuteness every day. And she just ate up the constant attention from everyone. The only difficult part was finding places to go potty outside when it was REALLY cold out. Gigi did not like this part! But it was worth being with everyone constantly. :)


Questions? Comments? Want to tell Gigi how cute she is? Comment below!

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