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In preparation for this Sunday’s upcoming I AM Rescued event, we chatted with the women behind it all: Sarah Edwards and Carrissa Glarner.

If you’re not familiar, these women started I AM Kindness, an organization that spreads kindness throughout the community. Founded after struggling to find the time to give back to the community as busy professionals, I AM Kindness is now a group of volunteers who are performing random - even small - acts of kindness (think surprise makeovers at senior homes) to promote goodwill and smiles.

Now, they’re putting the spotlight on the dogs of the community at one big event: I AM Rescued. I AM Rescued is based on the same type of mission as I AM Kindness, but it’s focusing on the furry residents of the Twin Cities.

“We thought it was time we give the local rescues and those who work so endlessly hard to save these fur-babies a day dedicated to them,” says Glarner.

These women love the idea that this event can bring the community together for an important cause.

Carrissa rescued her furry companion, Scout, about seven years ago and he has since changed her life. She says she didn’t expect that adopting Scout would have such an impact on her life and she wants others to have the same experience.

Growing up fostering dogs, Carrissa was accustomed to caring for pups without an attachment. But Scout was different and there was something about him that she was drawn to. She later she realized that it was perfect because he has an old soul to match hers.

Carrissa and Sarah hope that I AM Rescued will bring the community together in a way that will hopefully impact the outcome of these rescues' lives in some way or another.

“If one dog finds his forever home because someone came to [I AM Rescued] and made a connection, that’s a success in our eyes.”

I AM Rescued is partnering with sponsors like Spyhouse Coffee, Lucy & Co., @DogsofInstagram and other local vendors who will be selling food, coffee and goods for dogs and people alike.

“By bringing together the local rescues and vendors, we can join efforts in supporting the rescue initiative and encourage people to come meet the dogs in person,” says Glarner.

"We are really trying to create a social movement where being kind is a state of mind," says Edwards.

Join us this Sunday, July 26 at High Bridge Dog Park in St. Paul, MN. Check out I AM Rescued on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

We can't wait to see you at the first-ever I AM Rescued--it's going to be a tail-waggin' good time!

Lucy & Co.

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