Q&A with Steven Rojas

Puffer appreciation post! We love when our customers send photos and tell us how they use our products. We asked photo blogger Steven Rojas and his four legged friend Zelda what they like about the Olive Green Puffer Vest for cold weather adventures. Here’s an inside look at how they found each other and what they like to do to take a break from city life.

How did Zelda come into your life?

“I have always wanted a dog and one day I went to the gym and saw my friend with his English bulldog puppy and I had to have one.  I enlisted the help from my friend and after lots of research (as well as taking Manhattan living into consideration) I ended up with the desire to have an English bulldog + Boston terrier mix.”

Why do you love traveling with Zelda and taking her with you on adventures?

“Who wouldn’t love traveling around with their beloved pet / family member. Zelda can only handle so much hiking but once she gets tired into the backpack she goes. Leaving her at home breaks my heart, so I bring her with me as often as possible.” 

How would you describe your personal style and why you like to share that with Zelda?

“My personal style depends on the activity. I feel comfortable in suit as well as I do in a muddy t-shirt and trousers. Zelda is much less work, she’s happy in anything that keeps her warm, like [the] Lucy & Co puffer.”


How did you find Lucy & Co and what made you choose the Puffer Vest?

“I found Lucy & Co through online research.  Lucy & Co had everything I wanted, great design that looked great on Zelda. Zelda and I were going to be adventuring into some cold places and I had seen other images [of] how well the Puffer fit other dogs.”

Looking good Zelda! Thanks for choosing Lucy & Co. 


Snag a vest for your pup while supplies last.

Lucy & Co.


Lucy & Co.

Lucy & Co. have the most unique items. working with and for both the national and state Shih Tzu rescue, we are always looking for adorable clothing to photograph our babies in, attract a lot more inquiries and successful adoptions, thank you.

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