Le Petit Treat

Le Petit Treat


In collaboration with Lucy & Co., Le Petit Treat debuts a Parisian Picnic Series featuring three exclusive treat flavors, all inspired by essential French delicacies. Each treat is carefully handmade with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients, sure to make francophile fidos say, “ooh la la!” Le Petit Treat’s Picnic Trio is Lucy & Co.’s first treat collaboration, serving healthy treats to good dogs.


A trained public health scientist, Gigi Samandari had worked in the humanitarian sector for nearly a decade when she decided she needed to take a break. She attended Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris and discovered a love for cooking and making things by hand. When she returned home, her beloved dog, Ralphie, had contracted diabetes and skin sensitivities from bad pet food. With a background in health and newly-honed culinary skills, Ralphie’s sickness fueled Gigi’s passion to lovingly hand make treats by that he could eat, resulting in the Le Petit Treat concept. Officially founded in 2013, Le Petite Treat painstakingly creates dog treats that are healthy, natural and made with love.

At the beginning, Gigi was a one-woman show, baking out of her tiny Washington DC apartment. Sadly, not long after she launched Le Petit Treat, Ralphie passed away due to his health complications. Despite her sadness, what started labor of love continued as the perfect way to honor a treasured friendship. Gigi threw herself wholeheartedly into her pet project with the goal of not only bringing wholesome treats to market, but to also use proceeds to benefit other dogs in need. She quickly outgrew her apartment’s oven and moved into a kitchen incubator in DC, taking her product from “homemade” to “handmade,” made in small batches with utmost care.

“I was able to devise dog treats that were made entirely of whole, healthy ingredients and that both were safe for him and tasty enough for all his little friends too. I became passionate about dog health and creating treats that were simple and good without sacrificing enjoyment for the dog or owner.”

In two years’ time, Le Petit Treat outgrew its initial incubator and now works with a local bakery just outside of the city, creating treats that are chic, fun and wholesome with the goal of giving dogs “a taste of the good life.” Le Petit Treat believes that when it comes to our pets, pet owners have to be especially careful about what they feed them. Because pets depend on humans to care for them, Le Petit Treat takes its responsibility seriously, sourcing ingredients from safe, reliable vendors as a top priority. Establishing trust between a brand and its fans is paramount to Gigi’s team. So, they make sure that we are very careful to honor that trust by only using wholesome, all-natural ingredients and only making the treats themselves in their little bakery. In doing so, Le Petite Treat delivers a French vibe for those bite-sized moments shared with your dog, like snack time or training.

“There is nothing in our cookies that we wouldn’t eat ourselves and we actually taste test all our batches ourselves - we use both human and dog testers!”

With a shared love for dogs and quality products for the furry companions, Le Petit Treat is excited to collaborate with Lucy & Co. in creating products that will give canines joyful and healthy lives. This same commitment is one that Le Petit Treat has made tangible to a number of the DC-based charities, donating monetary contributions and delectable (treat) donations. As they grow, Le Petit Treat hopes to connect with more charities benefiting dogs and continue their commitment to bringing health and happiness to every dog.

“People like it because of the good, honest ingredients we use.”

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