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Super cute styles at super great discounts! Shop customer favorites and retiring prints in our latest markdowns.

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A game changer for pet parents!

The Lucy & Co. Crossbody Treat Bag

The everyday bag for dog parents is here! Made from durable, water repellent neoprene, this bag’s not just super functional and easy to care for, it’s cute too. With an adjustable shoulder strap, convenient exterior mesh pocket, a hidden built-in poop bag dispenser, and an interior treats pocket, this bag is made to keep up with wherever you’re off to.

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  • Merch for Dog People

    You're not like a regular mom, you're a DOG MOM! Own it. Embrace it. Wear it with pride.

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  • Compostable Poop Bags

    Poo is pretty “ew” but everyone does it, right? Put on a smile while dealing with the smelly and enjoy our silly take on the stinkier side of dog parenting!

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  • Really Cute Raincoats

    Like, so cute other dogs will do a double take. Reversible? Check! One-of-a-kind prints? Check! Watertight zip closures? Check!

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  • Limited Edition Bandanas

    Bandanas never go out of style! Our limited edition bandana collection is full of hand-picked prints perfect for every pup's personality.

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Waterproof Walk Gear

Your dog’s everyday gear is here! It's yuck-proof, water-proof and easy-to-wipe-clean! These pieces come in multiple colors, are made of tough PVC and the everyday leash features a secure lockable clasp that takes any worry out of walks. This walk set is cool enough to command attention but durable enough to stand up to seriously ruff stuff.

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Why Lucy & Co.

Our commitment to beautiful, high quality dog goods is a reflection of the way we think about our dogs. They’re our best friends, our siblings, and sometimes our only children. Lucy & Co. was built on the idea that dogs are deserving.

Dogs deserve homes. Dogs deserve loving families. Dogs deserve prominence in society. Dogs deserve beautiful designs. Dogs deserve thoughtful materials and technical touches. Dogs deserve conscientious brands. Dogs deserve the world.

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